Slope cutting is now being carried out along a new road under construction that will link the Baleh Bridge and the Pelagus Resort, located along the Rajang River in the Kapit District.

A 7.4km R1 Standard road will connect Rumah Belaja, Nanga Benin and SK Nanga Pelagus in the infrastructure project implemented by the Upper Rajang Development Agency (URDA), under RECODA.

Currently, earthworks activity along with concreting works on bench drains to help control rainfall water levels.

After this, construction works will be carried out for three Bailey bridges that will cross crossing Sungai Benin, Sungai Raya and Sungai Mela.

The Baleh bridge is connected with a 73km road that links with the Baleh Hydroelectric Project (HEP), which is located on the Baleh River about 105km upstream from its confluence with the Rajang River.