The upgrading work of the existing two lanes single carriageway at Jalan Section C1 in Samalaju Industrial Park (SIP) to a four lanes dual carriageway is expected to start early next year.

The upgrading work, one of the two phases to be carried out, will involve massive utilities relocation and construction of three bridges over Sg. Semba 1, Sg. Semba 2 and Sg. Semba 3 as well as other associated works.

A kick-off meeting, chaired by our Project Management Director, Mohd. Safri Ibrahim was held this morning with consultants and Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) to properly plan for the smooth implementation of this project.

Development of infrastructure projects in SIP has started since 9th Malaysian Plan (MP).

Under 12th Malaysia Plan, RECODA intends to upgrade 12km of the existing state coastal road within SIP area from two lanes (single carriageway) to four lanes (dual carriageway).

Efficient road infrastructure within SIP is important factor for functionality and success of this industrial park.

Hence, the upgrading work of The road as approved in the SIP masterplan, is designed to a dual carriageway to meet this requirement.

Since the inception of SIP in 2009, the numbers of factories within this industrial park have continued to increase and therefore, the traffic volume is expected to increase as well.

With the upgraded road, it will alleviate traffic congestion, reduce traveling time and provide safer road condition.