Anjung Usahawan Kampung Ladang Baru, a dedicated facility for small retail businesses and food vendors, was officially launched today by Deputy Premier Datuk Amar Haji Awang Tengah Bin Ali Hasan, who is also the chairman of the Northern Region Development Agency (NRDA). The event witnessed a gathering of esteemed guests, including government officials, local entrepreneurs, and community members.

The Anjung Usahawan Kampung Ladang Baru project, which commenced in early 2021, has reached completion in April 2023. The facility comprises of eight shop units, with four dedicated to the cottage industries and four allocated for food and beverage vendors.

Currently, a total of nine Anjung Usahawan projects are being implemented in the Limbang and Lawas districts, with two projects already completed, namely the Kampung Ladang Baru in Lawas and Kampung Nanga Medamit in Limbang.

Alongside the Anjung Usahawan project, various development initiatives are underway in the area. These include the construction of the Bandar Lawas Bridge, aimed at connecting the surrounding areas, as well as the improvement of SK Ladang Baru and the construction of a new road in Kampung Seberang Kedai. These projects, undertaken by NRDA, are expected to contribute significantly to the socio-economic development of Kampung Ladang Baru.

The Anjung Usahawan Kampung Ladang Baru facility stands as a testament to Sarawak’s dedication to empowering SMEs and cultivating a vibrant business ecosystem. It is hoped that this initiative will nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship among locals and pave the way for economic prosperity in the region.

Following the launch, the delegation proceeded to visit the site of SK Ladang Baru. The project entails the construction of a six-classroom block, a single-story preschool, and the enhancement of the academic and administration block. Scheduled to be completed by the first quarter of the upcoming year, the project aims to enhance the school’s facilities and provide an improved learning environment for the students.