The riverine settlement of Long Laput along the Baram River will soon have safe and comfortable access to the existing Lapok Road in the interior.
Residents of the Kayan-majority agricultural village, located some 20km south of Long Lama town in the Marudi district, will enjoy better road conditions and enhanced road safety while traversing through the improved road.
In phase 1 of an infrastructure project implemented by the Highland Development Agency (HDA) under RECODA, 4.925km of the existing earth road linking Long Laput will be upgraded to modified R1 Standard gravel road with 5-metre width carriageway.
The project, which began in December 2019, is expected to be completed within a few months with 55% of roadworks done.
The improved road will provide better mobility to key public social services such as health and education, according to the project’s benefits scope.
In the long term, the improved road will enhance road connectivity, which is important to stimulate social and economic development in the region. The main source of income for residents in the surrounding area is agriculture, such as rice, pepper and rubber.
Currently, construction of drainage structures is nearly complete, including the construction of one reinforced concrete pile culvert and surface drainage. Electrical posts, which were affected by road widening and slope stabilisation works have been relocated.
During the project, the existing access road is maintained to ensure it is passable to road users at all times.