It’s good news for the residents of Long Lempaki, who will soon have smooth road access from their village near Sungai Lempaki, a minor river located 5km south of Lawas town.
Roadworks to improve an existing 1.4km earth road from Long Lempaki to the Lawas Damit Road junction is 50% complete, with the project due for completion before year’s end.
The new R1 Standard premix road with 5.5m width carriageway, also provides easier travel to nearby Kampung Sahabat Baru. It will have drainage structures, such as culverts to overcome rising waters in the flood prone area.
The project will provide better road condition and enhance road safety for the villagers traversing through the existing road to Long Lempaki and the improved roads will provide better mobility and road access to key public social services such as health and education.
In the long term, the improved road will enhance road connectivity which is important to stimulate social and economic development in the region, according to the contract’s project benefits aim.
Currently, reinforced concrete culverts are being constructed while site clearing, earthworks, sub-surface investigation works have been completed. Existing utilities are also being relocated while wwill soon begin on pavement works and installation of road furniture.
Construction has not been without challenges, as the contractor needed to overcome recent heavy rains and high-tides in the area.
This infrastructure development project is implemented by the Northern Region Development Agency (NRDA), under the RECODA.
On-site construction workers were instructed to follow strict SOP guidelines set by the Health Ministry during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.