Welcome to our Protégés! Our CEO, Datu Ismawi Ismuni met with 10 of our protégés yesterday afternoon along with our Investment Promotion Director, Lester Matthew to share a few words of wisdom and encouragement before they begin their journey here with us at RECODA.
Ismawi reminded them on the importance of having a good grasp of both English and Malay languages as well as the willingness to learn and be proactive in whatever they do.
Teamwork, he stressed, is also important as working in solo will not be effective, as most of the time, every task cannot be accomplished without team effort.
He also reminded the protégés to not sink into complacency and the feeling of adequacy, especially when the job market is highly competitive these days. “Be smart and work hard”, he said as he encouraged the protégés for the upcoming months to learn by doing, while gaining as much as they can alongside the talents and expertise here in RECODA.
The Protégé programme is one of the Government’s initiatives to provide graduates a platform to enhance their skills and increase their marketability.
Our protégés come from various discipline of qualifications where they are attached to various departments for a duration of eight months.
All the best to our Protégés!