The improvement works of a 5km earth road to modified R1 standard gravel road linking Long Laput, Baram is nearly completed.

Physical progress of the construction of the road which will serve the local riverine Kayan communities is over 90% completed.

Roadworks for the 5-metre width carriageway is accompanied by soil nailing for horizontal drains along the adjacent hillslopes.

Horizontal drains are used to lower water table elevations, which increases strength of the soil and improves stability.

The hillslopes are covered with steel mesh reinforcement, which are then sprayed with a layer of gunite, or sprayed concrete.

The project also involved the construction of a reinforced concrete pipe culvert and surface drainage to further manage water levels.

The project, implemented by the Highland Development Agency (HDA) under RECODA will provide better mobility and road access to key public social services such as healthcare at the nearby town of Long Lama.