The Industry Continuous Professional Development Programme (iCPD) event, organised by MEITD, MINTRED, MPC, and hosted by RECODA, took place in Bintulu. The event, which is the second edition of four, aims to enhance the competitiveness and employability of local workers in Sarawak by addressing industry skill demands. The first edition took place in Miri in May, while future editions will be taking place in Limbang or Lawas and Kuching this year.

This initiative is part of a broader effort by the Sarawak Government to boost local talent and ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills for the evolving job market, in line with the Post-Covid Development Strategy (PCDS) 2030.

We were honored to have Deputy Minister for International Trade, Industry, and Investment, Datuk Malcolm Mussen Anak Lamoh; Deputy Permanent Secretary of MEITD, Puan Anielia Anak Siam; Head of Industrial Development Division at MINTRED, Puan Sharifah Mastura Binti Wan Razali; Head of Private Investment and Socio-Economic Development at RECODA, Puan Khairina Binti Dawek; Director of MPC (Sarawak Region), Dr. Mazlina Binti Shafi’i; Chief Strategy Officer at Sarawak Skills, Encik Isham Bin Fauzi; and Senior Assistant Director at the Department of Skills Development (Sarawak Region), Ts. Nicholas Anak Bali with us!