MIRI: With 12 road projects currently under construction stage, people in Miri, Marudi, Telang Usan and Beluru districts will soon enjoy better roads once these projects are completed in the next two years.
Construction of these road projects which started only this year have so far seen positive progress despite a few months’ delay due to Movement Control Order (MCO) where most of the sites are seeing site clearing, earthworks and drainage works taking place.
Among these projects are improvement of existing access road to Daleh Long Peluta, Long Miri and Uma Bawang, improvement and construction of roads within Long Lama and Long Bedian, improvement of access road from main logging road to Long Semiang and improvement of existing road from Long Banga Junction to Pa Dalih.
Other than these 12 projects, eight other road projects are still at design stage while another seven are at tender stage.
Meanwhile, feasibility studies are being carried out for 20 water supply projects. As for the power supply, one project is still at design stage while another one project at tender stage.
All these projects with a cost of RM1.5bil are under the purview of Highland Development Agency (HDA) and once completed, it will ease the connectivity and bring economic activities to the area.
HDA area covers an approximately 18,463 km² with an estimated population of 100,000.