BINTULU: Press Metal Bintulu Sdn Bhd has contributed PCR test kit equipment worth RM435,950 to Bintulu Hospital, to help the health frontliners expedite all Covid-19 screening tests.
The test kit – comprising a unit of Seegene Nimbus, a unit of CFX96 Real Time PCR
Detection System, and a set of STARMag Universal Cartridge Kit – should be able to improve the hospital’s capacity of Covid-19 preliminary testing by an additional of 288 tests per day.  The contribution, which was presented to Bintulu Hospital late last week, derived from an understanding reached between Press Metal Bintulu and the hospital on Jan 11.
“As a caring company, the management of Press Metal is taking the Covid-19 situation in the country and globally seriously.  This contribution of the PCR test kit equipment is aimed at helping Bintulu Hospital conduct the screening tests in a speedier manner and also assist in curbing the spread of the virus,”
said Press Metal Bintulu in a statement, adding that with the addition of the equipment, Bintulu Hospital should be able to increase the laboratory’s test capacity from the current 300 tests per day to 588 tests per day.
“We hope that this equipment would help the hospital overcome any shortfall in conducting the Covid-19 screening tests and reduce its dependency on other hospitals when need arises.
“With the enhanced efficiency of the Covid-19 screening test facility, we hope that this initiative would encourage other establishments, particularly the other industry players, to also undertake similar effort, in supporting the frontliners and working together with them in keeping Malaysia safe from the Covid-19 threat,” said the co mpany.
Representing Press Metal Sdn Bhd board of directors, the group chief executive Officer Tan Sri Dato’ Paul Koon expressed his highest appreciation to the frontliners for their sacrifices and commitment in keeping the public safe.
“It is hoped that this contribution would help ease the work burden off the frontliners in their noble task of controlling the situation; thus, curbing Covid-19 from spreading further in the community,” he said, adding that supporting and caring for the wellbeing and the livelihood of the community remained paramount to the management of Press Metal.
In this regard, Koon said the company would continue to provide and support any corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes or corporate contributions meant to benefit everyone, particularly during this global Covid-19 crisis.
At the same time, he also expressed hope that the frontliners would remain resilient and high-spirited, particularly in providing the best services, during these struggling times.
“Press Metal hopes that everyone would continue to practise the ‘3Ws’ (WASH hands, WEAR face masks, heed WARNINGS from the authorities) and also the ‘3Cs’ (avoid CROWDED places, CONFINED spaces and CLOSED conversations),” said Koon.
He also pointed out that since the enforcement of the first Movement Control Order (MCO) in March last year, Press Metal had been taking a number of stringent precautionary measures in safeguarding their employees by implementing its in-house standard operating procedures (SOP) with the purpose of keeping the employees’ well-being protected, as well as curbing the spread of Covid-19.
“With that in mind, Press Metal urges all levels of society to take on the same roles and responsibilities in curbing the spread of Covid-19 – by being responsible citizens and fully complying with all the SOP, preventive measures and recommendations issued by the authorities, in that everyone plays a huge role in keeping the nation safe,” stressed Koon. – Source: Borneo Post