KUCHING: The northern region of Sarawak is poised to prosper once the infrastructure projects in Limbang and Lawas are completed in the next few years. With 165 projects which include roads, water supply and electrical, riverine structure and drainage, buildings, recreational facilities and an airport in the pipeline, these projects with a total cost of RM1.5bil will tremendously change the landscape, bring in investments as well as job opportunities in the region.
Some of these road projects have already started in Ba’kelalan and Bukit Sari end of last year and early this year. Works are currently focusing on site clearing and earthworks. Among the projects are road upgrading from existing road from Merapok to Kampung Patarikan, internal roads and drainage system for Kampung Munchu, new road from Banting to Kampung Belimbing and new Tanjung Lagoon Datu Tai Road and the construction of new scheme for Kampung Belipat, Serdang and Belangsat in Lawas district.
As for buildings, among the projects involved are the upgrading of existing Limbang District Council Depot and upgrading work of existing ICQS Complex in Pandaruan. All these projects are expected to be completed by middle of next year. NRDA area covers a land size of 7,790 km² with an estimated population of 100,000.
All these projects will help develop the northern region which has great potentials in power generation, oil and gas, transportation and logistics, commercial agriculture, livestock farming and aquaculture tourism.