It’s halfway done. The proposed new road to Nanga Geremai in the Kanowit District is more than 60% completed.

The infrastructure project, implemented by the Upper Rajang Development Agency (URDA), will provide a new 10.5km R1 standard road (including spur roads) including 2 new 12m steel bridges at Sg Melipis and Sg Kerobong to the local Iban communities.

The road is located near Kanowit town, about 50km from Sibu.

At the moment, piling and drainage works are moving on schedule while culvert construction still on going for remaining 6 culverts out 25 culverts (19 completed).

When done by second quarter 2023, the new road will provide safer travel for the area known for it’s agriculture produce such as dabai, durian, pepper and rubber.