The Monitoring and Projects Development Coordination Committee (Jawatankuasa Pemantauan dan Penyelarasan Projek-projek Pembangunan) held a briefing on the progress of projects in SCORE on 22 August 2016 at Samalaju Resort.
Among the committee members who attended the meeting were YBhg Datuk Dayang Sadiah Abang Bohan and her officers from UKAS, representatives from other corridors namely Mohd. Narif Paival from SEDIA, Mohd. Haris Kader from NCER, Salida Aziz from ECER, Khairul Azman Shah and Zafina Ahmad from IRDA. Other members were from EPU, JPM, ICU JPM, MOF, SIPSB, BDA and personnel from RECODA.
Prior to the meeting, the committee members excluding Datuk Dayang Sadiah made a site visit to Samalaju Water supply Project and during the visit, were briefed by Robert Heng of Sarawak Rural Water Supply Department.
The committee members later visited Samalaju Industrial Port where they were briefed by its Acting CEO, Encik Matshalleh bin Mohamad Etli on the port’s progress and development. The members had also the opportunity to inspect the Boulevard Road and Section B1 Road and during this visit, Bintulu Development Authority representative briefed them on road projects at the BDA site office.
On the second day of the visit, the members and YBhg Datuk Dayang Sadiah were taken to Murum Dam where they received a progress briefing from the Public Works Department and Sarawak Energy Berhadrespectively.
They were also given a tour of the control centre at Murum Dam before visiting the dam itself.
Safri Ibrahim, Cecil Riseng, Ainul Radziah (UKAS), Sariani (UKAS) and Mohd Haris Kader Sultan (NCER) stayed on an extra day to visit the Sangan Road.