Betong Vocasional College invited 3 panelist to their forum during their orientation program which includes Dr Hajah Rabyah (head of section for the Workforce Development Unit planning and policy division), Dato Madani (CEO of the Malaysian Automotive Institute) and Jonathan Wong (corporate communications officer for RECODA).
The event was to give input about the graduate market in technical and vocasional fields in SCORE areas as well as challenges that the graduates will face when entering the industry. A total of 140 students were present during the event and all seemed eager to understand the current industrial landscape.
During the forum, all panelists agree that positive thinking, resourcefulness and the ability to adapt to the changing landscape is key for graduates to survive in the industry with Wong highlighting the importance to always stay relevant.
Among the questions asked included what could the graduates offer back to assist the state in attracting more investments.
Wong replied that despite myriad of factors attracting foreign investors, the lack of skilled manpower remains an issue. Therefore by being a certified professional in their vocational field the graduates will become a tool to lure even more investments.
Dr Rabyah also highlighted the focus many industrialized nations such as Japan, Korea, Germany, and even Singapore give towards vocational training as these skilled labor will be the cornerstone for the industries.