The Regional Corridor Development Authority (RECODA) has gone to the ground to engage with the people of Long Jeeh, in Ulu Baram to brief them on the benefits of a planned road project.
Highland Development Agency (HDA) Board Member and Baram MP Anyi Ngau, who was accompanied by HDA Regional Director Semuel Belawan, recently visited the rural community in the hilly terrain, where the main livelihood comprises of mixed farming.
The community were briefed on the proposed 30km Long Jeeh road upgrade project, which will also link nearby Long Selawan. The infrastructure project will be implemented by HDA, under RECODA.
The mostly Kenyah community plants peppers, Terung Asam eggplants and other crops.
“There is great potential for the area to be developed and the community to organise their mix cropping in the area to raise their income,” said Semuel.