Upgrading works for an access road linking Long Pelutan/Long Miri and Uma Bawang in the Baram District are now over one-third done after the project’s groundbreaking late last year.
The rural settlements, located along the Baram River about 100km southeast of Miri, will be connected after the existing earth road network is upgraded to a 13.8km gravel road of Modified R1A Standard.
After its completion next year, the road will finally provide safe and comfortable travel for the local riverine communities that comprise mainly of the Kenyah people.
The improved road will also provide access to key public social services such as health and education.
So far, soil investigation works have been completed, while the construction of drainage structures and earthworks are nearly halfway completed.
Certain sections of the road cut through hilly terrain. Because of that, slope stability tests are carried out at some locations to check the soil’s strength and stability.
Where slopes need further reinforcement, gabion walls are additionally constructed to prevent landslides, thus ensuring the complete safety of future road users.
This infrastructure project is implemented by the Highland Development Agency (HDA), under RECODA.