LIMBANG: The Northern Coastal Highway and the Sarawak Link Road projects are proof that development is continuously being implemented in this division – contrary to the claim of non-existent progress in this part of the state by the Opposition.
Assistant Minister of Agriculture Native Land and Regional Development Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail viewed such allegation as ‘being uncalled for’ as the people here had continued to enjoy the fruit of development over the years.
“New political parties are emerging and they have ‘many stories’ including allegation of no development for the people here,” he said in his speech for the launch of an Agriculture Community Outreach Programme (AgriCOP) at Kampung Tabahan yesterday, where Limbang Agriculture officer (development) Jakaria Rambli, Pemanca Abu Tinggal and Kampung Tahaban headman Isa Tinggal were also present.
Dr Abdul Rahman, who is Bukit Kota assemblyman, also pointed out Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) as a responsible and people-oriented ruling coalition, adding that in leading the state government, GPS was committed to bringing development to the people.
Back on the Northern Coastal Highway and Sarawak Link Road, he said the projects were to replace a part of Phase II section of the Pan Borneo Highway development that was cancelled by the government under the administration of Pakatan Harapan (PH) previously.
According to him, the Northern Coastal Highway is meant to better connect the major roads across northern Sarawak, including the link and coastal stretches, with the aim of stimulating the socio-economic growth of the communities along the highway.
Source: The Borneo Post