KUCHING: In an effort to propel its commitment in enhancing rural economic transformation and connectivity and safety of rural air services, the Sarawak government has identified two sites for the construction of airports at Bukit Mabong, Kapit and Bebuling in Spaoh.
In revealing this, Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Jemut Masing said the construction of the two airports at Bukit Mabong and Bebuling is expected to commence soon.
“The Bukit Mabong Airport with construction cost amounting to RM173.5 million will feature a 790-metre runway which can accommodate a twin otter passenger aircraft and a Cessna 208 aircraft with three tonnes load.
“The Bebuling Airport which costs RM91.4 million in construction is also expected to commence work soon. For this, early commencement of work is expected. The condition of the soil in the area also makes initial work more challenging,” he said in a statement yesterday.
He said the Bukit Mabong Airport has been identified as a new Rural Air Services (RAS) route under the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM).
“The site in Bukit Mabong has been aptly selected as it is remote, sparsely populated with a population of approximately 50,000 and with significant accessibility issues.”
Masing added that the site at Bebuling, Spaoh was chosen based on input from various stakeholders, to improve air connectivity with a key agropolitan centre of Sarawak in the Bukit Sadok area.
This will, in turn, help in the transportation of agricultural produce for export from the area, he said.
He noted that the Bukit Mabong Airport, which offers cargo and passenger carriers and the Bebuling Airport for cargo carriers, will take 36 months to complete.
“With work to commence soon, we expect both airports to be completed by the third quarter of 2023,” he said.
Source: New Sarawak Tribune