Tanjung Manis Economic Growth Area (T-Mega)

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Tanjung Manis Economic Growth Area (T-Mega)

Tanjung Manis Economic Growth Area (T-Mega) is a hub for the development of priority industries in aquaculture, timber-based and marine engineering.

The Tanjung Manis Halal Lub, spanning 77,00 hectares at the delta of Sarawak’s Rajang River is located in this growth area and has helped foster a vibrant industry in food production, including downstream activities in aquaculture and agriculture as well as upstream activities in food processing and R&D.

In addition, Tanjung Manis also has an Integrated Deep Sea Fishing Port, which features a 600m wharf that runs parallel with Sungai Rajang, the longest river in Malaysia.

The southern zone of Tanjung Manis also hosts a wood-based industrial area for timber-based industries while the Tanjung Manis Integrated Port and OGC terminal and jetty has helped facilitate growth in shipping and ship building industries.