MUKAH: RECODA Chief Executive Officer Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot and his management team held briefing sessions to update the private and public sectors on the latest developments within the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).
The sessions – held separately for each of the sectors at RECODA’s Mukah office – also focused on the Mukah Smart City study, which is currently still ongoing.
For the briefing session with the public sector, about 60 representatives from various government departments and agencies in Mukah were in attendance. More than 15 representatives, mostly from the financial institutions and major industries in the Division attended the session for the private sector.
The team of consultants responsible for the Mukah Smart City study were also at the briefing sessions; invited by RECODA to share some of their insights.
According to Datuk Amar Wilson, briefings such as these are vital to the success of SCORE, and as such he plans to hold more sessions, not only with stakeholders in Mukah but throughout the State, as well.
“For the past two years, we have been briefing fund managers, financial researchers and business analysts, who want to learn more about Sarawak and SCORE.
“I believe it is important that we also talk to the various stakeholders, in order to update them on the progress of SCORE and more importantly to discuss and share views with the business community and the public sector,” said the RECODA CEO.
He pointed out that one of the most exciting developments in Mukah will be the influx in 2015 of about 2,000 young people from throughout the country; representing the first batch of students for the new UiTM Mukah Campus, which is still under construction.
He added that Mukah also stands to enjoy far greater progress in the near future, especially with more private sector and public sector investments coming in through SCORE development projects.