Sarawak led a strong Malaysian delegation to the inaugural International Mining and Resources Conference in Australia held from 10th to 13th November 2015. The State was represented by the Regional Corridor Development Authority (RECODA), the State Planning Unit (SPU) and Sarawak Energy (SEB), and was accompanied by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA).
The primary goal of the Sarawak delegation was to raise awareness of Sarawak’s attractiveness as a potential investment destination, draw attention to the State’s location and access to commodities, and the western style business friendly environment. Secondary topics of discussion was related to the State’s approach to the environment and sustainability, social development, and the importance of business ethics in operations and innovation.
Sarawak Energy was the lead sponsor of the event and, in conjunction with RECODA, set up an impressive exhibition booth showcasing Sarawak Energy’s core businesses and role in assisting with the development of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).
A number of meetings with potential investors were scheduled for both RECODA and SEB, with a focus on industries that require inexpensive energy supplies.
Nick Wright, SEB’s vice president of business development, presented papers on the competitive advantages of setting up in Sarawak entitled “Sarawak: the Smelting and Minerals Processing hub for Asia Pacific”.
Kieren Malley head of technical sales at Independent Instruments Pty Ltd, Australia said, “The Sarawak booth is just refreshing and enlightening. Before this, I never knew that Malaysia has hydropower generation. And to learn that renewable hydropower is now Sarawak’s main source of energy is fascinating to me.”
Day two of the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) saw no let up in the number of visitors to the booth and meetings continued with senior management from CITIC Resources, Dow Chemicals and Mitsui.
Tan Sri Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot, Chief Executive Officer, Regional Corridor Development Authority (RECODA) had this to say about IMARC, “IMARC is a great platform for us to learn from and exchange views and experiences with others in the industry, especially in the areas of technology and innovation which we may be able to apply in Sarawak. The conference offers a great opportunity to showcase Sarawak. And I am happy to see a close partnership between RECODA and Sarawak Energy in exploring opportunities at IMARC.”
The conference and exhibition provides a platform for the drivers and thinkers, the mining leaders, policy makers, financiers, technical experts, innovators and educators or what the organisers call the ‘brains trust’ of the entire mining industry to get together and share ideas, build relationships and do deals.
Nick Wright, SEB’s vice president of business development was interviewed for the event’s news channel. During the interview Nick outlined Sarawak Energy’s role as an energy development company and a vertically integrated electricity utility in Sarawak.
There was no let up on the final day of the event as RECODA and SEB personnel continued to welcome visitors to the booth, raise awareness of Sarawak and SCORE and lay the foundations for future opportunities whilst attending relevant forums and discussions.
The three day conference featured 200 exhibitors and was attended by 2,000 participants.
During the event, the Sarawak booth attracted hundreds of visitors interested to learn more about Sarawak and the opportunities in the State.
KPMG, METS Ignited and Junior Mining Hub were also participants in the event.
At the IMARC Gala dinner, Mrs Gina Rinehart, billionaire chairman of Hancock Prospecting Pty received a lifetime achievement award in recognition of her contributions to the industry.
Three new members were inducted into the Australian Prospectors and Miners hall of fame and Sarawak Energy was recognised as a lead sponsor of the event.