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Clean Renewable Energy

SCORE leverages on the abundance of clean renewable energy, which is hydro-electric power, to drive heavy industries and other investments in the area. It harnesses the state’s strategic advantage in the production of sustainable energy at globally competitive prices.

The Bakun Hydroelectric Plant (HEP), which was commissioned in 2014, generates 2,400 megawatts (MW) of electricity while the Murum HEP, commissioned in 2016, generates 944MW of electricity.

The proposed Baleh HEP, which is expected to be constructed by 2025, will generate 1,285MW of electricity.

Current projections indicate that SCORE customers will require 6,000MW by 2030, while residential, retail and commercial demand in Sarawak will call for another 2,000 MW. Combined with energy generated by coal, diesel and gas, hydropower will supply enough energy to support the state’s rapid growth beyond 2030 and also provide electricity for export to overseas markets.